About us


In 1987, following the murder of an Aylmer resident, who succumbed to an act of wanton and extreme violence committed by her spouse, a group of women who worked for the CLSC in Aylmer established a committee to set up a shelter to better meet the needs of women victim of domestic violence in the community.

L’Autre Chez-Soi Inc. is more than just a housing service. The shelter offers a range of gratuitous services around the clock to meet the needs of women who are victims of domestic violence and their children.

Resources and services are available to help these women take stock of their lives. Users can also benefit from assistance, support, facilitation, counselling, follow-up, information, referral and training services.

L’Autre Chez-Soi Inc. offers a bilingual service and can accommodate nine people at a time, in a free and confidential safe place. We welcome women victims of domestic violence from all over Quebec and from anywhere else.

Our Values


We act with consideration and integrity while aiming to develop reciprocity among our colleagues, users of our services and members of the Board of Directors.


We give the same value to all individuals, regardless of their differences and conditions, all the while working to reduce imbalances of power in relationships and promoting egalitarian relationships.


Means feeling united by common interests and responsibilities, i.e. women’s rights and conditions. Consequently, we work in collaboration with our various partners and promote mutual support.

Social justice

We work to promote equitable access to all resources, wealth and decent living conditions.


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